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Pokémon Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

Get ready to catch ‘em all with Pop In A Box US’s wide range of Pokémon Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. Here you will find a variety of products, giving you the opportunity to become the ultimate Trainer.

With it being a global staple in pop culture since 1995, you can celebrate the franchise in true Funko style!

The world of Pokémon has so much for fans to discover, and our page is no different. Get those Poké Balls at the ready because we’ve got loads for you to catch.

Pocket Monsters

Pokémon (also known as Pocket Monsters) is a Japanese media franchise that was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996. Although it originally debuted as a video game series with Red And Green in 1996, the brand has gone on to expand into a highly successful multimedia franchise.

The concept of the franchise focuses on the eponymous creatures known as Pokémon. Using Poké Balls, trainers attempt to capture them to be used in battle against other trainers. Of course, they don’t always work, and many creatures will manage to escape. Trainers travel the world in search of new creatures to add to their Pokédex. If they can catch ‘em all and defeat their fellow Trainers, they can claim the title of Champion.

Aside from the debut release in 1996, there have been a number of very successful video games released: Pokémon Gold and Silver (2000), Ruby and Sapphire (2002), FireRed and LeafGreen (2004), Diamond and Pearl (2007), Platinum (2009), HeartGold and SoulSilver (2010), Black and White (2011), Black 2 and White 2 (2012), X and Y (2013), and Sword and Shield (2019).

The Very Best

Keep on the lookout for new additions to our Pokémon Funko Pop! Vinyl figures page. We update our line-up regularly, ensuring that you can improve your collection.

These figures will make a perfect gift or treat for any fan of the franchise. The figures measure approximately 3 3/4-inches tall and come packaged in a window display box.

So, what’s stopping you from being the very best? Grab your favorites today, and remember to keep checking back in for all the latest releases so that you can complete your Pokédex!