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Get ready to discover the latest Loungefly products at Pop In A Box US. Our product range draws inspiration from many corners of entertainment (films, TV series, comic books, video games, and music), meaning you can easily find something for all fans of pop culture.

From the latest releases to the classic and limited-edition designs, our catalogue of officially licensed backpacks, bags, and accessories (such as wallets and phone cases) has everything a collector could ever wish for. If you have an interest in top-quality craftsmanship, you’ll be sure to find something that’ll put a smile on your face.

What Is Loungefly?

Beginning in a small Southern Californian warehouse in 1998, Loungefly has slowly grown to become a premium franchise-focused collection of backpacks, handbags, shoulder bags, wallets, card holders, and other accessories. The brand was acquired by Funko in 2017 to expand its already diverse product range.

Known for their striking prints and high-quality merchandise, these are the best products available on the competitive market. What makes them such a stand-out product amongst other brands? Over the years, the brand has picked up many licenses and collaborations, meaning they offer a variety of franchise-inspired backpacks and bags. On top of that, they're also water-resistant (but not completely waterproof).

From casual fans to major diehard collectors of Loungefly merchandise, these products allow you to express your favourite franchises through the form of high-quality bags.

Made for everyone who is interested, our bags are unisex and universal, meaning you can purchase even more of your favoured fandoms.

Worried we don’t have your favorite franchise? Don’t worry, we have one of the largest collections around, with a variety of products inspired by Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Harry Potter, DC Comics, and many more.

Leading The Industry

Our extensive range of contemporary and creative products — including backpacks, bags, and accessories — will make an ideal gift for any fan or collector of pop-culture merchandise. Whether you’re wanting a backpack or bag for breathtaking walks or carrying your Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, Pop In A Box US is the place to be.

For the most die-hard fans, you can get geared up with everything Loungefly has to offer!

How Can You Tell If A Product Is Rare?

This is an important factor to understand when in the market for Loungefly products.

One of the easiest markers is by checking the plaque. Funko purchased Loungefly in 2018 so at that point the logo on the plaque was updated to reflect the Funko brand. Now the Loungefly logo has a crown over the “y.” However, if the logo on the plate has a heart, that is a marker to say that the bag was made prior to Funko purchasing the brand. These “pre-Funko” bags are much more rare and highly sought after.

Discounts And Savings

At Pop In A Box, we are always offering huge savings on a variety of Loungefly products, meaning you can snag a high-quality Loungefly bag, backpack, or wallet for cheap. Take a look at our collection today!