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Eternals Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

Get ready to defend Earth once more with our officially licensed Eternals Funko Pop! Vinyl figures — perfect for beginning (or expanding) your collection of comic-book-related memorabilia.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a Marvel fan or just want to treat yourself, this is a great place to start.

Stop stalling, superheroes — browse through our line-up of Eternals Funko Pop! Vinyl figures while they’re still available. We have a ton of incredible offers that you won’t want to miss out on, including limited-time discounts and multi-buy deals.

Protecting Humanity Once Again

Created by Jack Kirby, the Eternals are an extraterrestrial race of humanoids that exist in the Marvel universe. They made their first appearance in the comic book The Eternals #1 in 1976, exploring the origins of their creators, known as the Celestials. They are an ancient race of entities that possess vast matter and energy manipulation abilities.

The group consists of Ikaris, Thena, Gilgamesh, Sersi, Druig, Ajak, Phastos, Sprite, Kingo, and Makkari. These often clash with the Deviants (a deformed counterpart to their contemporaries).

In the comics, they have had several of their own series and have crossed paths with Thor and X-Men. In 2021, they finally made their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with their own feature film, following a group of ancient heroes who have protected humanity since the dawn of our existence. When the deviants mysteriously reappear, the group return, hoping to save humanity once again.

Intergalactic Deals

After living quietly on Earth for over 7,000 years, we think it’s time for you to finally browse through our superb collection of Eternals Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. Choose your favorite character from the Marvel franchise, and bring them home to your awesome Funko collection.

What are you waiting for? Get set for the next phase of the MCU with Pop In A Box, and enjoy our exclusive deals and discounts while you still can.