Paka Paka Mystery Minis

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Looking for a new collectable? One of Funko's latest lines, Paka Paka are here and ready to rock your world!

These mystery collectables come packaged in amazing gacha-pon style plastic balls for the ultimate unboxing thrill, in the truest gacha-gacha fashion! Try your luck and start your new collection today!

Build your own Kawaii Village with these super cute animal and sushi characters straight out of Japan. There is Globey, a unique mascotte with a planet-earth-shaped head ready to lead you on adventures around the, well, globe (LOL) and then all the classic Japanese characters you would expect: a Koi-carp chef (look out for the green chase version), a torii-gate that could not be cuter if it tried, a Maneki Neko (also available in hyper rare golden variant 1/36), two versions of a super kawaii nigiri (the best news is the rainbow is actually a common) and many more!

Munchies are cute animals who love to snack - we can relate fully here - and they also come in chase and hyper rare variants (golden chunky pug 1/36, anyone?) so get ready for them to become your next obsession!

Soda Kats are - well, Soda Kats! Cute felines shaped as the most amazing drinks out there, there is one for each of your favourite beverage - including Mountain Mew and Purrrrrrpsie!

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