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Everyone knows there's a 'Bring Your Kid To Work Day', but what about if we could do one step better? Here at Pop In A Box, we think it's time to have someone there for you every day of the working week, and someone who's pretty darn quiet too! That's why we're bringing you the ultimate work colleague... Desk Buddy! We're curating all of our favorite Funko Pop! characters in one place to bring you the perfect work companion. So whether you're a Marvel fan, Disney fan, Anime, Harry Potter, Sports, or any of the other awesome franchises we carry, we've got something here for you! 
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The ultimate Desk Buddy

After being away from the office for so long, it's time to bring someone with a smile to your desk every working day. We're bringing you Pops! from Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, Star Wars, Pop! Rocks, Pop! Icons and many many more!
If you're wanting to add some personality to your work environment or wanting to show off your favorite character... you’re in the right place! There is no better time than right now to get adding some of the best to your basket, that will surely make all of your human work colleagues jealous!

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