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Harley Quinn Funko Pops

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Clown Princess Of Crime

The Mistress of Mayhem made her debut in an episode of 1992 in Batman: The Animated Series titled “Jokers Favor” (22nd episode). While originally intended to appear in just one episode, Harley quickly became a recurring character within the DC Animated Universe as the Joker’s sidekick and unappreciated romantic partner.

Voiced by Arleen Sorkin, she was formerly an intern psychiatrist called Dr. Harleen Quinzel at Arkham Asylum who worked closely with the Joker. Throughout the sessions together, she gradually became besotted with the mad supervillain and helped him to escape. Acting as Joker’s henchwoman and unappreciated romantic partner, Harley wears a red-and-black jumpsuit and calls herself Harley Quinn.

Following her introduction to the epic DC Universe in 1999, she joins forces with the likes of Poison Ivy and Catwoman, becoming the trio known as the Gotham City Sirens.

On top of her many appearances in the comics, she has since featured in multiple DC films: Suicide Squad (2016), The Suicide Squad (2021), and Birds Of Prey (2020).

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